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Air Hygiene

The Clearwater AirCare division are specialists in the assessment of indoor air quality, ventilation hygiene and local extract ventilation (LEV) testing as well as remedial works such as ductwork cleaning, kitchen extract cleaning and HVAC heat exchanger coil deep cleaning.

In the course of time, poorly maintained working environments will have far reaching consequences. Mechanical ventilation systems typically form a significant proportion of the building fabric and interior surface area. The associated ductwork is typically hidden and is frequently not inspected nor maintained. It is not uncommon therefore to find significant contamination. This may include dusts, moisture, insects, vermin, pest droppings and building materials left behind following construction.

Without control measures there are potential health risks to occupants and additional costs to building owners and managers. These can include: Reduced air-flow/increased energy consumption; reduced plant life; system components may become clogged up or corroded and rendered inoperable; dust particles on sensitive equipment; dirt staining on furnishings and décor; high staff turnover and absenteeism.

The Clearwater AirCare division have the expertise to assess air handling systems and to recommend and perform remedial actions where required. For more information contact us.