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Car Manufacturer waste water reduced by 60%


A major global manufacturer of prestige cars had installed a system to capture all waste streams within their paint shop area. Most of the effluent water ended up in one of three large pits, all integrated together. Due to the heavy use of the paint shop area, the pit systems, which could hold over 100cm3 of water, were backing up, and tankers were regularly called in to take away the effluent waste.



As the system was causing major problems, consultation was short. Clearwater Technology made a number of recommendations, including changes to the chemistry.

This resulted in far less sludge, as the inorganic coagulant used worked at the normal alkaline pH level. As a result the sludge volumes decreased by over 60%.

Additionally, a stronger polymer was used, which helped to bind the solids quicker.



After Clearwater made changes, the client's system was more than sufficient to keep up with the volume of effluent. Taking into account the reduction in tankers required and the reduction in chemical costs and sludge production and removal, the changes saved the site an estimated £100,000 in its first year.