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Clearwater’s water treatment division, supported by its brilliant engineering and pumps division, can offer you complete waste water and effluent treatment packages that ensure optimum performance and reliability for your business. 

Under the Water Resources Act you need permission from the Environment Agency if you want to discharge effluent to inland freshwaters, coastal water or estuaries, ground waters or land.


Effective and efficient effluent water treatment will:

  1. Comply with current health and safety, environmental and legislative concerns.

  2. Reduce operating costs and increase profit

  3. Improve your businesses public image

  4. Reduce the likelihood of excess charges and fines from a breach of consent


Wastewater treatment

There have been several advances in the practices surrounding wastewater treatment, such as the newer anaerobic wastewater treatment as an effective method of generating energy (methane) from high COD wastewater. This will considerably reduce the carbon footprint of industrial, food processing and chemical plants by reducing the energy consumption of the treatment process itself, as anaerobic treatment is far less energy intensive than the equivalent aerobic treatment. This will ultimately save your business thousands on energy bills.

Clearwater Technology offers tailored treatment plans for all industries, and we know how to obtain the best solution for your business. Call us today to make an appointment with one of our team and start on your journey to a personalised water treatment plan, helping to create clear cost savings and cleaner solutions, today.