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Cooling Tower Client Recovered Water and Costs


Cooling water systems are integral to many industrial processes and commercial air conditioning systems. Efficient cooling is essential, to minimise running costs and maintain production. An effective cooling water treatment programme ensures that safe and efficient cooling system operation is maintained.



Our client has 3 large cooling towers which historically bled significant volumes of water to drain in order to control the TDS. The engineering team at Clearwater carried out a cost-benefit analysis in order to establish the feasibility and the potential benefits of recovering bleed water for re-use in tower make-up. This cost-benefit analysis identified that around £20,000 per year could be saved in water supply and discharge costs.

The equipment was specified, designed, built, installed and commissioned by Clearwater engineers and consisted of a bleed collection tank, pumped through carbon filtration and water softening cartridge before passing through our Reverse Osmosis (RO) system and then being pumped to the towers.



Our client is currently recovering 86% of their tower bleed water and is on track for project pay-back in less than two years. The towers are running on lower conductivity water and so cycles of concentrations have also been increased.