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Effluent calculator

Companies in the UK have to pay for their waste water or 'industrial effluent' to be treated by the local water authority; this is done in accordance with the Mogden Formula. A company only has the ability to control three factors in this formula; Volume, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Suspended Solids (SS). However, the Water Services Regulation Authority (OFWAT) regulates the costs associated with the treatment of wastewater and annually publishes the standard charges for each water authority.


Effluent Calculator Guide

Trade Effluent calculator guide

The result is an estimated average cost per annum in £'s

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Your annual charge would be

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Reducing Effluent Charges:

Clearwater can help you and your business reduce the above charges; for example, why not try re-calculating your cost by reducing your input data by the following:

Effluent Volume –20%

Chemical Oxygen Demand –50%

Suspended Solids –50%

This result will demonstrate the approximate reduction in your waste water bill that Clearwater Technology could help you to achieve.

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