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Chemical Cleaning Services

Pre-Commission Cleaning (closed systems)

New pipework installations on heating and chilled water systems will require the removal of contaminate debris such as milli-scale, jointing compounds and building debris. These contaminants will increase the risk of blockage at strainers and small bore control valves. Advances in modern day systems have made the process of pre-commission cleaning an essential procedure to facilitate maximum plant efficiency.

Existing System Cleaning (closed systems)

The cleaning of existing systems sometimes requires practical solutions tailored to the customers needs. It may, for example, be desirable or necessary to keep heating or cooling systems operational whilst flushing and cleaning works to go ahead. Clearwater Technology Ltd have the experience and expertise to engineer bespoke solutions to suit the needs of individual clients.

Inhibited Acid Cleaning

Acid cleaning involves the circulation of a low concentration acidic solution to remove unwanted oxides and deposited scales from pipe surfaces. It can be performed in systems such as boilers, calorifier heat exchangers, condensers and cooling towers. The most commonly used acids for the removal of oxides and ferrous metals are inhibited hydrochloric acid and ammoniated citric acid. Inhibited acids contain chemicals that form a protective film over system pipework in an acidic environment, preventing further corrosion to the pipework surfaces. Other organic acids may also be used for this purpose where availability and costs favour them.

Polymer Cleaning

Polymer cleaners act by creating repellent forces between individual particles in solution. They are therefore able to break down loose surface deposits on pipework and ensure that they stay in suspension until the chemical is flushed away to drain.

Biocide Wash

Biocide washes are sometimes viewed as an essential precautionary measure in order to control bacteria and biofilms which may become established inside new and existing pipework. This is advisable as an additional stage of a chemical cleaning procedure. As water treatment specialists we have a range of biocidal treatments at our disposal, including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, silver peroxide or non-ionic biocides and biodispersants such as gluteraldehyde.

Pseudomonas has become extremely prevalent in water systems around Britain. Pseudomonas exists in biofilms which are resistant to many conventional biocides. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful broad spectrum biocide that strips biofilm effectively and destroys pathogenic micro-organisms, including Pseudamonas and Legionella.

Chlorine dioxide is traditionally made by mixing sodium chlorite with an acid. This process results in a concentrated acidic solution of chlorine dioxide which is prone to gassing and can also cause corrosion. This is unsafe and inefficient for this application.

Clearwater use patented catalytic generation technology to generate low concentration solutions directly at the point of use. This can be used to destroy biofilm and micro-organisms, with minimal corrosion to the system.

Clearwater also offer a range of disinfection services for down water services.

What We Provide:

  • Experts in our field
  • Commitment to quality (clearwater is an ISO 9000 certified company)
  • Experienced engineers
  • Documented procedures (each stage completed in full and signed off)
  • Full report and certification on completion
  • Full compliance with BSRIA AG/2001.1 guidelines
  • Specialised equipment tailored to suit individual plants
  • Site specific quotations
  • Effective chemicals with proven suitability for purpose
  • Site specific risk assessment

What We Specialise In:

  • Pre-Commission Cleaning (new and existing systems)
  • Corrosion Inhibitor/Biocide Dosing
  • Acid De-Scales
  • Biocide Washes
  • Polymer Cleaning
  • Bacterial and Chemical Analysis of Water Samples
  • Water Sampling
  • Shell and Core Type Projects