Clearwater’s influence in water treatment for Facilities Management

The Facilities Management (FM) industry ensures that buildings, sites and facilities are serviced to the highest of standards and relies on a high level of service to ensure that tenants are satisfied and contracts are retained.

Facilities Management organisations rely heavily on outsourcing their services to other businesses such as water treatment providers, and must place their confidence in those organisations to complete every task with the level of service expected by their tenants. With extensive experience in Facilities Management, Clearwater understands the challenges faced by FM organisations of all sizes.

Across this sector, Clearwater has developed unique solutions for customers with their own individual challenges including minimising the cost of operations while meeting stringent compliance and regulations.

Whether using water for cleaning, energy transfer or other uses we have been able to demonstrably impact the following for our clients:

Domestic Water Hygiene

  • Maintaining water hygiene for drinking water, kitchen facilities, toilet facilities to meet compliance and regulations (our extensive portfolio includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and 18001 accreditations as well as us being an LCA registered company).

HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)

  • Providing and maintaining heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions including boilers, tanks and cooling towers.

Environmental Impact

  • Providing a safe environment for your employees while meeting compliance with a minimal footprint on the environment.

Water Management

  • Securing, treating and optimising the utilisation of water in order to achieve sustainable usage of this shrinking commodity

Transparent Reporting & Supply of Documentation

  • Full transparency is provided by Clearwater’s dedication through clear communication, including access to an online portal for live reporting and the reconciliation all relevant documentation.

In all cases, Clearwater differs from traditional approaches in using an open, flexible and nimble approach to create the right team to make a rapid difference to their clients’ business.

Clearwater’s Building & Engineering expertise in action

Educational Institutions

Clearwater provides schools, colleges and universities with cost effective domestic services, heating and cooling solutions and maintenance. These solutions and services deliver true ROI through the promotion of student and employee satisfaction and safety and the extended lifespan of heating and cooling equipment.

Offices & Commercial Buildings

A subsector driven by revenue per square foot, offices and commercial buildings across the UK benefit from Clearwater’s solutions and services that are designed to increase tenant satisfaction while providing the peace of mind that health and safety regulations are being met. Clearwater also helps office and commercial building owners increase their appeal by meeting sustainability challenges and environmental initiatives.

Government Buildings

When it comes to greener energy consumption and sustainability challenges, government buildings must lead by example. Clearwater is an experienced provider of water, air and energy solutions for government sites and buildings with all of the relevant accreditations required to service, maintain and consult on meeting the environmental challenges that governments set for the wider facilities management industry.


Clearwater works with prisons, correctional facilities and detention centres at a group level, assisting operators in meeting humanitarian standards. Thanks to Clearwater’s extensive experience in industrial water treatment, we have the capacity to meet higher demands of prison sites including larger boilers, a greater number of lavatories per person and on-site laundry facilities.

As longstanding providers to the sector, Clearwater is able to provide prison sites with DBS checked engineers and maintenance crews while meeting security requirements that include the ability to complete on-site tasks without contraband IT equipment including the tablets and laptops used for on-site support in other sectors.

Data Centres

Continual reliability is critical to data centre operations. Clearwater provides data centres with reliability, efficiency and support while helping to meet compliance, regulations and environmental initiatives.
Clearwater is ideally placed to support facilities management organisations in the UK and Ireland through our strong leadership in providing bespoke solutions that ensure customers achieve varying goals across each industry subsector.

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