Clearwater’s influence in Food & Beverage

Generating £28.2bn for the economy, and employing 400,000 people, the economic importance of the Food & Beverage industry is immense. The sector faces many challenges including variable regulation and moving legislation, sustainability goals, and the ability to recover cost, ultimately achieving an economically sustainable zero-liquid discharge.

Clearwater has developed solutions across Food & Beverage to deliver against these needs and to specifically address the so-called triple bottom line – social, environmental and economic components.

The different industries within the Food & Beverage sector have very different needs and Clearwater operates differently with clients in each segment. Whether using water for cleaning, energy transfer or as an ingredient itself, Clearwater has been able to demonstrably impact the following for our clients:

Process Development

  • Increasing production uptime / reducing downtime, shortening changeovers / swap cycles, enabling re-use of water.

Environmental Impact

  • Providing a safe environment for your employees while meeting compliance with a minimal footprint on the environment.

Water Management

  • Securing, treating and optimising the utilisation of water in order to achieve sustainable usage of this shrinking commodity.

Analysis & Reporting

  • Delivering smart automation that offers the ability to step-change your operational management and risk management.

Example applications of Clearwater’s engineering expertise

Meat & Poultry Processing

With up to 20,000L of water required for as little as a kilogram of certain meats, the role of water in the meat value chain is critical. Clearwater has been able to deliver solutions from influent to effluent.

Fruit & Vegetable Processing

Clearwater offers solutions for the washing, peeling, cooking and thermal processing. These typically include water hygiene and secondary disinfection systems, filtration for flumes and wash water, steam boiler and cooling tower treatment, specialist chemical supply, as well as waste water treatment.

Potato Processing

The considerable reliance on water across all elements of potato processing has provided Clearwater with great case studies in decreasing the cost of production. For example with one major potato manufacturer, major savings were generated through the optimisation of steam generation and cooling processes.

Beverage Industry

Clearwater is able to offer solutions for potable usage of water in the final product. This includes in the CIP, pasteurisation, container warming or cooling, cooling of compressors and refrigeration equipment as well as solutions for boilers producing steam used for cooking evaporation, heating of pasteurisers, and space heating.

Brewing Industry

Clearwater specialises in driving down the pint-to-pint ratio, reducing the water consumption required for every final beverage created. Specific solutions target everything from energy usage reduction to driving up the hl output per employee as well as reducing downtime through more efficient maintenance and cleaning programmes.

Clearwater is ideally placed to support the food and beverage industry in the UK and Ireland as it has been at the forefront of the industry drive to optimize food quality and plant productivity through innovative solutions that impact the triple bottom line.

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