Clearwater’s influence in Manufacturing water treatment

Manufacturing covers a broad spectrum of subsectors specialising in the production of complete goods and components, each with their own unique sets of challenges. Clearwater works with customers across the manufacturing industry providing water treatment solutions that solve the common and unique challenges in various manufacturing industries including the optimisation of water usage, improvement of production process, reduction of influent and effluent water, reduction of energy consumption, chemical treatment and waste water treatment.

As a provider of water treatment solutions across multiple industries, Clearwater’s expert consultants and engineers are trusted to help customers save on their energy consumption while reducing the overall cost of operations through implementation of technologies designed to deliver true ROI.

No matter what the product or industry, Clearwater demonstrates outstanding expertise in helping manufacturers achieve the required water grades for the relevant applications.

Whether using water as a carrying agent, for cleaning, energy transfer or as a component, we have been able to demonstrably impact the following for our clients:

Process Development

  • Increasing production uptime / reducing downtime, shortening changeovers / swap cycles, enabling re-use of water

Environmental Impact

  • Providing a safe environment for your employees while meeting compliance with a minimal footprint on the environment.

Water Management

  • Securing, treating and optimising the utilisation of water in order to achieve sustainable usage of this shrinking commodity

Analysis & Reporting

  • Delivering smart automation that offers the ability to step-change your operational management and risk management.

In all cases, Clearwater differs from traditional approaches in using an open, flexible and nimble approach to create the right team to make a rapid difference to their clients’ business.

Example applications of Clearwater’s engineering expertise

Chemical Manufacturing
From creating ultra-pure water as a carrying agent to antifoaming applications, microbiological control, water treatment for industrial boilers and steam raising to closed circuit and cooling tower treatments, Clearwater can offer the right solutions for ensuring chemical manufacture is safe, uncontaminated, and cost effective.

Electrical Components
Ultra-pure water is essential in the production of both electrical components and microelectronics. Whether used as a solvent in the production process or to clean metals and greases from printed circuit boards after production, Clearwater can provide water treatment solutions that reduce the chances of electrical component leaving the production with manufacturing defects.

Paper & Pulp Manufacturing
From process water production to pre-treatment, water recovery and wastewater treatment, Clearwater can provide solutions that optimise processes, reduce costs and solve unique and common challenges for paper and pulp manufacturers.

Leather & Textile Manufacturing
Clearwater has the expertise to provide manufacturers and high grade and artificial leather with water treatment solutions where water quality is paramount in the production process, such as washing and treating Grade A hides and generating steam as a carrying agent for impregnating membranes with powdered leather.

Clearwater is ideally placed to support the manufacturing industry in the UK and Ireland through its strong leadership in providing bespoke solutions that ensure customers achieve varying goals across each industry subsector.

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