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Scottish Distillery had to discharge copper costs


In the early 2000’s, The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) introduced discharge levels for copper. To achieve these levels, the whisky distilleries had to develop a chemical and physical system to lower the copper waste. Initially, a physical system called a Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) unit was introduced; however, this was only good at removing the suspended solids, and to assist in further reduction, a chemical programme was required.



Working with a major distillery group, a chemical program was developed by a Clearwater employee; as the distillery group had multiple sites, each was assessed individually. On some sites it was found that a polymer was required, and this typically reduced the copper by 40%.

However, to achieve a reduction down to levels under 2mg/l, it was found that an additional chemical was required to further enhance the copper reduction and to take out 90%.

To achieve the chemical reactions, either a pipe flocculator or a chemical reaction tank was added.



This programme has been successfully introduced across several distilleries. Clearwater is providing the customer with ongoing technical support to assist the sites and to ensure that the levels set by SEPA are consistently maintained.