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A large multi-use building in the City of London, incorporating retail outlets, offices and restaurants must have a clean and safe water supply 24 hours a day.



During routine TVC (Total Viable Count) general bacteria sampling, a high count was recorded. The source of the contamination was found to be a leaking sewage pipe that ran above the site cold water storage tanks which provided water to the whole site.

  • Clearwater arranged for eight environmental services engineers to be on site within four hours.
  • Clearwater liaised with the building managers and the maintenance team in order to facilitate the emergency works.



After the emergency works were undertaken, Clearwater worked with the building maintenance company to facilitate remedial works to seal the cool water storage tank and add a drain away to the sewage pipe to ensure that this situation could not arise again in the future.

  • Clearwater’s emergency response team started on the pre-chlorination work immediately.
  • The engineers worked through the night to complete the works.



All of the chlorination works were carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out in ACOP L8 (2001). Post chlorination samples for Legionella, E Coli and TVC were all clear, showing that the chlorination works had been successful.

The client was happy with the clear communication provided by Clearwater and felt reassured that they met health and safety requirements completely.