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All Clearwater products are available in 25kg drums. As part of our commitment to preserving the environment, Clearwater offers a free of charge collection service for empty Clearwater chemical drums. If the drums are in a suitable condition they are re-used. When it is not possible, the drums are shredded and recycled.

We also offer a range of 'low touch' chemical handling systems for our water treatment chemicals:

Portachem is a trolley mounted stainless steel drum with an integrated nitrogen pump-over facility. It offers clients considerable benefits in terms of Health & Safety and environmental performance.

All components of the system are re-used: there is NO waste packaging material.

Chemicals arrive on-site in a sealed stainless steel drum. Chemicals that would react with stainless steel are transported in plastic coated drums. Chemicals that evolve gas arrive in drums that are fitted with pressure relief valves; which vent at a pressure below the capacity of the vessel. All vessels carry UN approval.

Water Treatment Products are transferred through a pressure hose which is attached to both the Portachem unit and the dosage tank using kamlok fittings. Neither the Clearwater delivery driver nor the onsite personnel come into contact with the chemical products at any stage of the transfer process. This offers distinct health & safety benefits, as well as minimising the possibility of spillages and the environmental risks that they present.

The trolley mounted unit is easy to manoeuvre into position and reduces the risk of manual handling hazards.

This system is suitable for any delivery volume up to 200kg. Multiple drums can be used where larger delivery volumes are required.

Bulk & Semi Bulk Deliveries (1000 or 500 litres) are also available for selected products. Chemicals are transferred directly from the delivery vehicle to the onsite dosage tank. This system completely eliminates manual handling and the associated health & safety concerns. As with the Portachem system, all components are reusable: there are NO waste packaging materials.

Both of the systems mentioned above are used in conjunction with bunded dosage tanks, which prevent the possibility of uncontrolled chemical spillages.