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From the first mention of river pollution in the 14th century, to the current trend for wild swimming and need for water safety, we have been aware that we can get ill from contaminated water sources for a long time. Clearly, during the worst periods of hygiene in London of the 1800s, when waste water was emptied into the streets there was little or no knowledge about the reason why people were getting sick. However, some were starting to see a correlation between polluting the environment, and the health problems that were emerging in front of them.


Waterborne Diseases

Contemporary wild swimming and recreational water sports are a wonderful modern leisure activity and past time, however there’s still some cause for concern about our waterways, as the death of Olympic gold medalist rower Andy Holmes in 2010 of Weil’s disease confirms. Weil's disease is spread by animal urine found in predominantly recreational stagnant water such as lakes. Here is a list of some other waterborne diseases to be aware of:


  1. Cryptosporidiosis is a parasite from faecal matter of an infected person and most commonly caught in swimming pools. It was recently found in the in the north-west of England in a contaminated water supply.

  2. Campylobacteriosis is a bacteria which can be found on chicken and in unpasteurised milk, as well as in some water sources.

  3. Cholera is a bacteria which can be found in dirty and contaminated drinking water and rivers.

  4. Adenovirus Infection can cause stomach upset and conjunctivitis in eyes. It's caught by drinking contaminated water.

  5. Amebiasis is a parasite found in the faecal matter of an infected person and can be ingested from swimming pool water or an infected water supply.

  6. Giardiasis is a parasite which can infect humans after swallowing contaminated water.

  7. Legionellosis (or Legionella) is a bacteria which resides in contaminated water systems

  8. Viral Gastroenteritis is a virus which can be contracted by drinking contaminated water, or prepared foods.


For more information about waterborne diseases, see http://www.nhs.uk. Or to find out more on water cleanliness legislation in the UK, see http://www.hse.gov.uk.

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