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What can they put in the Water?

The European Biocidal Products Regulations (Commission Delegated Regulation No 1062/2014) outlines the work programme for the systematic examination of all active substances contained in biocidal products, including those that go into water.

The regulations are an attempt at a European level to improve regulation of biocidal substances and to ensure that the personal and environmental risks associated with their use have been given adequate consideration.

The costs associated with supporting biocidal products through the process have been substantial, with active substance producers and importers spending millions of pounds to ensure that their substances can remain on the market. Article 95 lists the active substances and the companies that have supported them for each biocidal "product type". Since September 2015 it has been illegal to place products on the market for a biocidal use if they contain biocidal active substances that have not been sourced through article 95 supply chains.

Clearwater can confirm that all of our biocidal active substances have been sourced from suppliers listed under the relevant product types under article 95.

Following active substance approval, deadlines are published for the registration of biocidal products containing those substances.

The costs incurred throughout this process and the reduction in the number of suppliers is likely to lead to an overall increase in the cost of biocidal products on the UK market. Some products that are currently on the market will also have to be withdrawn because they have failed the strict risk assessment criteria that is applied to products during the assessment stage.

Clearwater are committed to ensuring that we retain a comprehensive range of biocidal products for all of our application types, whilst working to keep prices down so that we can continue to offer value for money to our clients. We have allocated substantial resources to support our product range and have expertise on the regulatory environment that is unsurpassed within the industry.

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