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Legionella bacteria can be found in purpose-built water systems such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers and hot and cold-water systems. SafeCare consultants will take readings of the water temperature within the system, checking them against the guideline temperature parameters outlined in HSG 274. Water contaminated with Legionella bacteria can cause Legionnaire’s disease – a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. The bacteria are encouraged to multiply in the following conditions:

  • Temperature between 20-45 °C
  • Presence of rust, sludge, scale or organic matter
  • Stagnant or stored water

All companies have an obligation to ensure the work environment is safe for employees which includes controlling Legionella risks.

SafeCare consultants will undertake comprehensive assessments of hot and cold-water systems to identify every possible risk, including (but not limited to):

  • Obsolete pipework where water can stagnate
  • Hemp joints where bacteria can multiply
  • Flexible hoses manufactured with EPDM which may encourage the growth of legionella

The SafeCare division delivers over 10,000 risk assessments per year across all industries throughout the UK and Ireland, and provide remedial works which alleviate the risk of Legionella contamination Clearwater’s expert teams are experienced in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of cost-effective ROI generating water treatment solutions across all sectors.

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